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Sita to power new international terminal at Algiers airport. The product's success gave Mama Sita the idea of developing a line of mixes and sauces to be used for preparing favorite Filipino dishes.

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What now, Mama Sita's? The petition, titled 'Imran versus Imran the untold story', also mentioned the circumstances in which the custody of Tyrian Sita White's daughter was handed over to Jemima. Ex-CJP's party challenges Imran's eligibility for polls. SITA border technology enables governments to clear large numbers of passengers in record time. SITA kiosks to speed passenger processing at airports while boosting national security. The dehulled and semipolished rice sourced by Mama Sita 's from the Kalinga Rice Terraces Farmers Agricultural Cooperative has beautiful, short, plump and oblong-shaped grains with a full-bodied aroma.

Healthy Heirloom Rice Champorado. SITA explores mixed reality for aviation industry. SITA selected tt knowledge force because it best suited the company's demanding criteria, such as easy content creation and editing, integration with the company's learning management system LMS via the SCORM standard, easy re-recording of screens and adaptability to multiple roles and multiple languages. Jappe Blaauw, president of the Sita Council, said: 'The 34 airline and air transport organisation members of the Sita Council have led the creation of the Sita Air Transport Community Foundation with a plan to invest over the next five years.

Acronyms browser? Full browser?Fast Facts:. Devi Sita, the divine heavenly goddess and wife of Lord Rama, is one of the most popular goddesses in the Hindu religion. She is the incarnation of Lakshmi, the wife of supreme god Vishnu. Her husband Rama is the avatar of Lord Vishnu, his seventh incarnation.


Sita represents the ideal wife, daughter and mother to the Hindu people, and is remembered for her fine attributes and revered for having the noblest qualities of women. Sita is the female protagonist in the Epic of Ramayana. The adopted child of King Janaka and Queen Sunaina, the young goddess married Lord Rama and devotedly accompanied him when he was exiled to the forest.

She was later captured, imprisoned and eventually rescued. Sita remained honorable throughout the tribulations of her life and finally escaped the cruelty of the world by returning to the arms of Mother Earth.


Still young but of marriageable age, Sita began the preparation for her Swayamvara, a ceremony held at the palace for noble suitors to gather from far and wide, in the hope of being chosen by the princess to be her husband. One day, as she walked out on the terrace of her room to get some air, she saw Rama standing below.

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Their eyes met and they fell in love at first sight. This seems fitting, as they were the reincarnations of Vishnu and his wife Lakshmi meeting once again. The Swayamvara begins with the arrival of the men, including Rama, his brother Lakshmana and the demon King of Lanka, namely Ravana, sporting his 10 ugly heads. As the legend explains, King Janaka had been given a huge bow as a gift from Lord Shiva.

When Sita was a small child, Lord Parashurama an avatar of the god Vishnu admired her playing with the gigantic bow and advised Janaka to only allow his daughter to marry a man who could lift the bow.

One by one, the kings and princes unsuccessfully attempted the feat. When the turn of the arrogant Ravana came along, he declared he was so strong he would lift the bow with the pinky finger of his left hand.

Sita - The Silent Pillar of Strength in Ramayana

After several tries, he too admitted defeat. Finally Rama approached the task. He gracefully lifted the bow and strung it, surprising the watching crowd. The wedding of Sita and Rama took place shortly thereafter. Sita was blissful as her wishes had come true and she was marrying her true love. Rama, the eldest son of King Dasaratha, was heir to the throne. When the plans to crown him were announced, the Queen Kaikeyi was upset as her mind had been poisoned by a wicked servant.

While at first she was very happy for her first born son, she later became fearful for the safety of another son, Bharata. Having been previously granted two favors by her husband for saving his life in a battle, she called in her first favor and requested Rama be sent into exile so Bharata could be crowned in his place. His brother Lakshmana decided to escort him and the two began preparations.

Sita insisted on joining him as well. No matter how Rama tried to discourage the idea, she remained firm in her duty to stand by his side. King Dasaratha sadly died the next day, as he was so distraught about having sent away his eldest son.

Sita, who had always lived in a palace of the highest standard, sacrificed all for her husband. He loved her completely and took care of her.

They shared many happy moments together, despite the conditions.Sita was raised by King Janaka; she was not his natural daughter but sprang from a furrow when he was ploughing his field.

Though carried away to Lanka by Ravana, she kept herself chaste by concentrating her heart on Rama throughout her long imprisonment.


On her return she asserted her purity and also proved it by voluntarily undergoing an ordeal by fire. Rama, however, banished her to the forest in deference to public opinion.

There she gave birth to their two children, Kusha and Lava. After they reached maturity and were acknowledged by Rama to be his sons, she called upon her mother, Earth, to swallow her up. Sita is worshipped as the incarnation of Lakshmithe consort of Vishnu.

Though often regarded as the embodiment of wifely devotion and self-sacrifice, she is critical of Rama at times, even in the earliest version of the Ramayanaand in some of the later versions of the story she departs from the idealized, chaste image of the earlier text. She is frequently depicted in Indian miniature paintings of the Ramayana and in South Indian bronzes. These usually form a group, with images of Rama, his brother Lakshmana, and his devotee, the monkey Hanuman.

The iconographic texts instruct the artist to show Sita looking at her husband with supreme happiness. Article Media. Info Print Cite.

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He goes into voluntary exile in the forests with his…. While there, Sita is abducted by Ravana, the demon king of Lanka. In their search for Sitathe brothers ally themselves with a monkey king whose general, the monkey god Hanuman, finds Sita in Lanka.

A cosmic battle ensues; Ravana….Sita Devi is one of the main characters in the Ramayanaa major Hindu epic. Sita is considered to be one of the Sreshta Naris most chaste women and is respected as the epitome of all womanly virtues for Hindu women. Devi Sita is indeed the ideal example of a woman and possesses all the good qualities that a traditional Indian woman is expected to possess.

She was the ideal daughter to her parents, ideal wife to her husband, Rama, and the ideal mother to her twins, Luv and Kush. Devi Sita had to undergo a lot of trials and tribulations in her marital life and it was her courage, chastity and adherence to Dharma righteousness that finally made her emerge the ultimate winner. Through her life story, Sita showed how a strong woman should be and that she need never let go of her principles in life.

Probably, the whole mission of Sita's birth on Earth in human form was to destroy the arrogant Ravana, the demon King of Lanka. Sita was found as an abandoned child, discovered in a furrow while ploughing in a field. Due to this legend, she is often referred to as the daughter of Bhoomidevi or Mother Earth. As she was adopted by King Janaka, she is also called Janaki. King Janaka was the ruler of Mithila in present day Nepal.

Hence, Sita is also referred to by the name of Mythili. Sita's father, Janaka, was known for his ability to transcend body consciousness.

He was therefore popularly referred to as "Videha". Hence, Sita came to be known as "Vaidehi" the daughter of Videha. As Rama's wife, she is also called "Ramaa". One day, Princess Sita walks on the terrace of her quarters, when she sees Rama standing just below.

Their eyes meet and it is love at first sight for both of them, almost as if Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi realize they have met again in their human avatar. Sita shyly runs back inside and silently prays that Rama should end up becoming her husband in her forthcoming Swayamvara.

When King Janaka realizes that Sita has come of marriageable age, he arranges her swayamvar a ceremony where the bride is allowed to choose her groom from among the group of men assembled at that place. Many named kings attend the grand event from all over India. The swayamvar mandap is decorated beautifully and shines with the sheer splendour of the princes and kings assembled there.

Rama and his brother, Lakshmana, arrive at the venue too, along with sage Vishwamitra. So does Ravana, the mighty, ten-headed demon King of Lanka. Kept in the center of the mandap is a gigantic bow, gifted to Janaka by Lord Shiva. There is an associated legend, which relates that Lord Parashurama had once been witness to Sita playing with this mighty bow as a child. The Lord had been stunned by the little girl and had then advised Janaka that when the right time arrived, he should marry off his daughter only to the man who could lift the bow.

He declares that he would give his daughter's hand in marriage to the person who would be able to lift the bow of Shiva and string it. Many princes and kings try their hand at it in vain. Each one comes forward to the mandap with great pomp, but is forced to retreat in defeat. The egoistic Ravana then decides to take up the challenge, saying that he was so strong that he would be able to lift it with the little finger of his left hand.

Having failed in many attempts though, he decides to put all his strength on the bow and tries to lift it with both his hands. But the bow does not budge and Ravana is finally forced to admit defeat. Rama then comes forward to lift the bow at Vishwamitra's command. He first offers his obeisance to Shiva and the bow and then proceeds to lift it. To the utter surprise of all present there, he lifts the bow with remarkable ease and strings it with a resonant twang.

Sita is very pleased that her prayers are answered and coyly garlands Rama with the varamala. The wedding of Rama and Sita takes place with great pomp and show and soon thereafter, Sita leaves for her new marital home at Ayodhya. King Dasaratha announces his plans to crown Rama, his eldest son, as Yuvaraja or heir to the throne.She has a younger sister, Urmilaand the female cousins Mandavi and Shrutakirti.


Sita, in her youth, chooses Rama, the prince of Ayodhya as her husband in a swayamvara—bride choosing the best from a crowd of suitors after a contest, where Rama proves his heroism and valor and martial power and "defeats" the other seekers for Seeta's hand in marriage. After the swayamvara, she accompanies her husband to his kingdom, but later chooses to accompany her husband, along with her brother-in-law Lakshmanain his exile. While in exile, the trio settles in the Dandaka forest from where she is abducted by Ravanathe Rakshasa king of Lanka.

She is imprisoned in Ashoka Vatika in Lanka until she is rescued by Rama, who slays her captor.

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After the war, in some versions of the epic, Rama asks Sita to undergo Agni Pariksha an ordeal of fire by which she proves her purity before she is accepted by Rama, which for the first time makes his brother Lakshmana get angry at him.

In some versions of the epic, the fire-god Agni creates Maya Sitawho takes Sita's place and is abducted by Ravana and suffers his captivity, while the real Sita hides in the fire.

While some texts say that Maya Sita is destroyed in the flames of Agni Pariksha, others narrate how she is blessed and reborn as the epic heroine Draupadi or the goddess Padmavati. One day a man questioned the purity of Sita and in order to prove her purity and maintain the unquestionable dignity of Ayodhya kingdom and King Rama, she decides to leave the kingdom and sacrifice her place.

Rama gave order to Lakshman to drop Sita in the forest near sage Valmiki 's ashram. Years later, Sita returns to the womb of her mother, the Earth, for release from a cruel world as a testimony of her purity after she reunites her two sons Kusha and Lava with their father Rama.

According to RamayanaJanaka found her while ploughing as a part of a yagna and adopted her. The Sita of the Ramayana may have been named after a more ancient Vedic goddess Sita, who is mentioned once in the Rigveda as an earth goddess who blesses the land with good crops. In the Vedic periodshe was one of the goddesses associated with fertility. A Vedic hymn Rig Veda recites:. In HarivamsaSita is invoked as one of the names of the goddess Arya:. The Kausik-sutra and the Paraskara-sutra associate her repeatedly as the wife of Parjanya a god associated with rains and Indra.

Sita is known by many epithets. Her father Janaka had earned the sobriquet Videha due to his ability to transcend body consciousness; Sita is therefore also known as Vaidehi. Devi Sita while playing with her sisters in childhood had unknowingly lifted the table over which the bow had been placed; this was something that no one in Mithila could do.

This incident was however observed by Janaka and he decided to make it a backdrop for Swayamvara because he wanted a son-in-law who was as strong as his daughter. The birthplace of Sita is disputed. Apart from Sitamarhi, Janakpur which is located in the present-day Province No.

When Sita reaches adulthood, Janaka organizes a Swayamvara in Janakpurdham with the condition that Sita would marry only that person who would be able to string Pinakathe bow of the god Shiva. Janaka knew that the bow of Shiva was not even liftable, let alone stringable for ordinary mortals, and for selfish people it was not even approachable.

Thus, Janaka tries to find the best husband for Sita. At this time, Vishvamitra had brought Rama and his brother Lakshmana to the forest for the protection of sacrifice. Hearing about this swayamvaraVishvamitra asks Rama to participate in it and takes Rama and Lakshmana to the palace of Janaka in Janakpur.

Janaka is greatly pleased to learn that Rama and Lakshmana are sons of Dasharatha. Next morning, in the middle of the hall, Rama lifts up the bow of Shiva with his left hand, fastens the string taut and breaks the bow in the process.

However, another avatar of Vishnu, Parashuramabecame really angry as the bow of Shiva was broken. However, he does not realize that Rama is also an avatar of Vishnu, therefore after being informed of this, he apologizes for getting angry. Thus, Rama fulfills Janaka's condition to marry Sita. Later on Vivaha Panchamia marriage ceremony is conducted under the guidance of Satananda. Some time after the wedding, KaikeyiRama's stepmother, compelled Dasharatha to make Bharata king, prompted by the coaxing of her maid Mantharaand forced Rama to leave Ayodhya and spend a period of exile in the forests of Dandaka and later Panchavati.The "Most Anticipated Indian Movies and Shows" widget tracks the real-time popularity of relevant pages on IMDb, and displays those that are currently generating the highest number of pageviews on IMDb.

Each title is ranked according to its share of pageviews among the items displayed. Pageviews for each item are divided by the aggregate number of pageviews generated by the items displayed. Check out the movies and shows we're excited about this month, including " Star Trek: Discovery " and After We Collided. See the full list. Find out which Telugu movies got the highest ratings from IMDb users, from classics to recent blockbusters.

See more. A four-year-old Ram is left in a monastery by a person named Anand Mohan and is promised that Sita will come to take care of him. Ram is innocent and cute. He makes Ram promise that he too, will take care of Sita in return. However, after 20 years of waiting, when Sita finally meets Ram, she is far from good intentions towards Ram and is only after the crore estate.

The plot revolves around the final fate of Ram and Sita in light of these discoveries. Looking for something to watch? Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show.

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